TC20 - Thermal & Face Recognition Camera

TC20 - Thermal & Face Recognition Camera Official Distributor - UK

Introducing Thermal and Face Recognition Camera

TC20 - Thermal & Face Recognition Camera Official Distributor - UK

In line with Covid-19 hygiene guidelines, we would like to introduce a solution to help keep your staff and customers safe.

The TC20 thermal camera records a person’s temperature within 0.3°C using non-contact automatic body temperature detection which alerts the user if the person entering has a high temperature.

Thermal and Face Recognition Camera

* Our camera can record your temperature in as little as 300 miliseconds

* Can also be used for facial recognition within 500 miliseconds

* Operates within an ambient temperature zone

* Automatically identifies masked and unmasked personell provididng a real time warning

* Automatically registers and records information avoiding manual operation and improving efficiency

* Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature

* Live detection binocular 2 mega pixel camera

* Can operate with automatic doors, speed barriers, access controlled doors or can be used stand alone

* Lead time can be as little as 2-3 weeks from order

* CE Approved

* Thermal detection upto 1m away

* 7inch IPS HD display

* 2 Year Warranty

* Can be used in a variety of places inc offices, schools, gyms, retail, factories etc.

* RRP £1,498.00 PLUS VAT (ex. works) includes base plate

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