Q-Guardian Official Distributor - UK

Introducing People Counting System

Q-Guardian Official Distributor - UK

In line with Covid-19 social distancing regulations, it has never been more important to control the number of occupants in a room or building.

* Q-Guardian works in conjunction with time of flight sensor technology.

* Depending on the width of the door depends on the number of sensors required.

* Q-Guardian is counting technology which operates using a ‘traffic light system’ suitable for both manual and automatic swing doors.

* Q-Guardian is aimed at providing a solution to controling occupancy levels in premises including toilets, canteens, hotels, retail outlets, gyms, office blocks, restaurants, cinemas, train stations, airports, small businesses, etc.

* Q-Guardian limits the number of people deemed safe in a room at any one time to comply with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines

* When the number of occupants has reached the maximum level, a light will indicate red alerting the user to maximum capacity. Subsequently as people exit, the will counter will decline and the light system will display green, indicating a safe capacity.

* Should the occupancy of a room/ building be exceeded, an audible alarm will sound alerting staff members.

* Q-Guardian is a simple installation which eleviates the need for a member of staff monitoring/controlling the number of occupants in a room/ building.

* Q-Guardian is a sensor based system working from a 13A standard fused spur.

Q-Guardian Official Distributor - UK

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